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The Magic 8 Ball

Your face isn't symmetrical enough

28/8/18 18:18 - How's My Driving?

Think I'm messing up irrevocably with Kid? WELL, YOU AREN'T THE ONLY ONE. So this is a place to kick my ass and tell me all the things I'm doing wrong. Alternatively, it's the place to tell me what I'm doing right, SO HAVE AT YOU.

Comments are screened, anonymous commenting is on, and IP logging is off. Flames are welcome. Yes. Flames. :|

8/8/18 18:18 - Permissions

Permissions below cutCollapse )

If anyone has questions about anything else, let me know!

16/11/11 17:25 - +011+

Having finished the entirety of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, I saw no mention of this particular sort of bunny, so I am inclined to believe it is a muggle hare.

I wish to inquire, however; what exactly is a 'Playboy Bunny'?

...As I've been informed as to what a 'playboy bunny' is, I no longer require any further information on them. I apologize for any undue misconduct as a prefect.

[ooc: lmao. Kid crossed his entire entry out, but it can still be made out if you squint hard enough.]

22/10/11 01:56 - +010+

I fail to see the amusement in signing someone up for a date when they are unwilling, however, as I'm certain that wasn't Dumbledore's intention for funding this Masquerade, I suggest those doing so cease and desist. And I can't imagine a reluctant date would be pleasant in the least.

As for the Masquerade itself, I don't plan on wearing a costume, but I will certainly be there to monitor the proceedings.

21/9/11 22:29 - +009+

Ah, this is marks the first entry I've written since I came of age on the 8th. Although I still anticipate my 18th birthday more. From now on, I can focus on apparating with proper accuracy, so I have been studying it heavily. I don't wish to consider how nauseating a splinching would be. With the bulk of the body in the correct place, and the rest of you...How distressing.

As things have not been placed in disarray as of yet, I've managed to complete my prefect rounds with only 23 adjustments in paintings and suits of armor thus far! Quite an accomplishment.

22/5/11 15:39 - +008+

Whatever your current dorm situation, I'm certain things will be put to rights shortly! I'd be curious as to what the cause of this particular mishap is, but this isn't all that strange for Hogwarts. For now, those who feel uncomfortable can switch to the appropriate dorm. A prefect will guide those who need additional help.

And I would like to congratulate the entire Ravenclaw Quidditch team for trying their very best. Despite the loss, you didn't go down without a fight.

[ooc: this is a placeholder while I'm on the road! Replies will be with kidboobdik]

10/5/11 02:38 - +007+

I believe I can speak for the entirety of the student body in being thankful for the return of our garments. Going without was quite awkward...inconvenient.

As our clothing has finally been returned, typical school functions can proceed in an orderly– Wait.

...Peculiar. I seem to be in possession of only 7 pairs of pants. I counted them carefully but...there seems to be a pair missing.

There should be 8. Precisely 8.


...I-I can't continue with such a repulsive number of pants...! Dammit, if I have an odd number of pants, the balance of all of my attire is horrendously off. It's disgusting! Disgusting!!

It would be better to have no pants at alllllll...

7/4/11 05:41 - +006+ Voice Post

[A small, clear and polite voice comes through the journals.]

Hello. I'm looking for Death.

I'm s'pposed to be home, so I can help him on his auror missions.

I respec'fully ask to be returned home. Thank you.

--Death the Kid

[ooc: Little!Kid doesn't have stripes yet! Oh those halcyon days. Also, he is writing his name as neatly as he can, so his signature will be updated in real time. 8D THIS IS WHERE IT STARTS.]
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